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Conversion Copywriting for Shopify

Conversion Copywriting

Conversion Copywriting


Get product descriptions and email funnels that make your customers click.

Your brand and your content are tightly connected. Work with a professional conversion copywriter to ensure you’re telling your customers about the real benefits of your product and how it’s going to make their lives so much better.

Here’s what our conversion copywriting process looks like:

  1. Content strategy: Together we establish what problems your audience is facing, how you’re going to solve them with your unique offering, and the tone that best encapsulates your brand.
  2. Copy development: Our conversion copywriter carefully develops your content, including product descriptions, email nurture funnels, transactional emails, blogs, social copy, and whatever else you may need.
  3. Ongoing marketing: When you’re ready to go one step further, we create campaign content to bring your prospects straight to your online store.