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Abandoned Checkout Recovery

Abandoned Checkout Recovery

Abandoned Checkout Recovery


Recover 25% of your abandoned checkouts.

Did you know that over 70% of all online shopping carts are abandoned? Many of these customers get so far as the credit card processes section on your checkout and decide to abandon then. These are the easiest sales you're not making.

Here is another metric: 10%. Shopify's data suggests the industry average for abandoned checkout recovery is 7%-10%. That's it. Why is it so low? Because most merchants don't know how a holistic recovery approach should work. On top of that, they try to over-automate their recoveries by relying too heavily (and too early) on automated email campaigns.

The reality is, every abandon holds a different reason, and it's the one to one relationship that will actually recover sales of your niche or specialty product. Our team can act as your outsourced checkout recovery experts. Using available tools, and our in-house proprietary technology, we will set up automated campaigns and/or text-messages to create one on one conversations over the phone or text message to recover sales for you.

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