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Platform Migration

Platform Migration

Platform Migration


Let's get you on Shopify.

Your online store deserves the best chance at success. Let's get you on Shopify's award winning platform so you can focus on growth instead of maintenance.

As merchants first, we understand the benefits of Shopify. With the world rapidly moving to a technology-first culture, it's imperative that your business be poised to leverage new technology shifts. Whether you're using Drupal, Magento, WooCommerce or BigCommerce, it doesn't matter. Our team of migration specialists can quickly and efficiently get you over to Shopify.

Our migration follows three phases:

1. Data Migration

The first step is making sure your years of content and customer information is safely and properly migrated to Shopify.

2. Store Setup

Second, we customize a pre-existing high converting theme to fit your industry, products and other specifications.

3. Workflow Automation

Last but not least, we install the relevant apps and configure automation to make sure you're more productive than ever.

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