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How to Thank Your Customers: Call Script for Ecommerce Merchants

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I started calling abandoned cart customers in my effort to convert shoppers around 6 months ago. The results were extremely positive seeing a 55% abandoned cart recovery rate. Given the success I recently decided to increase the breadth of my calls to also include converted shoppers just to say “Thank You!”

In this post I will share with you the script I use. I have also written a related post on the benefits of calling your customers to say “thank you” here.

The call goes something like this:

Hi Bill, my name is Hillary and I’m the owner/customer service lead at [store name]. I’m just calling to say thank you for purchasing through our store and trusting our business.

As a consumer, if I get a personal call from the owner of the business I will pay attention. It feels good to know someone took the time out of their day, thought to call me, and then dialled my number to talk to me. If you’re not the owner of your business pick any other title that you think will result in appreciation from your customer (without lying of course).

I know you’ve received the product by now. Have you started using it yet? How do you like it?

Always avoid using phrases like “I see here that you…” or “My system shows me that…”; instead you see I start with “I know…” This is because it signals to the customer that you knew their order and have known about them. You will also notice that I’ve launched right into asking questions without it feeling like I’m there to survey them. It’s a very natural transition. This is where you will get honest feedback about your product. Take notes!

Thank you so much for the feedback. Being a small business I want to make sure our customers stay happy. Just out of curiosity, and please be honest, on a scale of 1–10 how likely would you be to recommend us to someone you know?

Again, we transition to the next line of questioning which is to understand the Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is considered a metric which correlates to future revenue growth. It’s something that’s known as a “leading indicator” – because a high score is a good sign that your sales will grow naturally. Anyone saying 9 or 10 you should flag as someone to build a better relationship with, send them handwritten thank you cards, or for example call them up before Christmas shopping season and ask if you can help them find something for their friends and family. You should also send them a link to leave a review!

NPS Diagram

Again, [customer name] thank you so much for your time and trust in our business. If you need anything you can reach me directly though my personal e-mail address. Have a great day.

End the conversation strong on a positive note. It’s important to acknowledge it took trust for them to whip out their credit card and type it in for you. This will only build more trust with you. This is vital because people only do business with those they trust!

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