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50 Ecommerce Growth Hacks You Can Do Each Day

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1. The "About" page is the 2nd most visited page on your site. 

2. Send free samples to Instagram influencers


3. Buy misspells of your domain


4. Push your customers to leave reviews


5. Start a Twitter chat with someone who is using one of your keywords

6. Make an Infographic - they get shared more

7. Calling customers leads to 32% increase in repurchases

8. Calling abandoned cart buyers results in 55% carts recovered


9. 70% of buyers consult reviews before purchasing


10. Create videos and publish them to your website


11. Build Slideshares of your content

12. 63% of your visitors are more likely to buy if you have reviews

13.  Build trust on Reddit


14. Create and publish memes


15. Use Egobait. Write something amazing about an influencer in the hopes of developing a favorable business relationship


16. Make contributions to Wikipedia and build credibility


17. Post for sale on Craigslist and Kijiji


18. Record tutorials on Youtube


19. People only wait 3 secs for a page load. Decrease your image sizes

20. Change the names of your images to keyword phrases


21. Answer people's questions on Quora


22. Product images should have white backgrounds


23. Use the same dimensions for your product images


24. Popups can massively increase your email list - Experiment with them to see what works for your store


25. Create a shipping and returns page


26. Skype with your best customers and record the video


27. Put shipping details directly on the product pages


28. Check for typos on your website. Looking unprofessional is the worst


29. Create unboxing videos and link them to your product pages


30. Write a personal email to each customer


31. Create video FAQs for your most common questions


32. Order a pizza ? for your best customer


33. Run a promo on a deals site


34. Translate your store content to more languages


35. List on price comparison engines for more traffic


36. Add sharing buttons to your pages and encourage visitors to share


37. Subscribe to 'HARO' for daily free PR leads


38. Subscribe on your competitors' lists for daily inspiration


39. Use someone's product and let them tell your story


40. Sponsor a 'Thank You' page on another site


41. Automate the sharing of your social media posts


42. Use to drive traffic back to your store when you share someone else's content


43. 30% of all online activity is on social media sites


44. When you're starting, promote the fact you're local


45. List your products on Etsy, be more discoverable

46. There's no marketing strategy without keyword research


47. Add Alt tags to your images so Google knows what it's of

48. Meta tags tell search engines what your site is about. Optimize it.

49. Edit titles and descriptions of your store and product pages

50. Also buy .net, .org, and .co of your domain



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